As we edge closer to the long-anticipated ‘Summer of 2021’, every day we are hearing conversations in the supermarket, the street and the underground about how we are weeks away from the world returning back to ‘normal’ since the COVID pandemic. But every day it becomes more and more clear that the ‘normal’ we were once so used to is no longer so easy to attain.

It’s time to prepare for ‘the Return to a New World’.

The COVID pandemic continues to change many aspects of the world: particularly the queer bubble where we once found our creature comforts - whether it be the queer venues we blow off steam, the fitness centres where we get our fix of serotonin or simply the coffee shops we catch up with our chosen family.

In recent times we have all had an insight into the importance of self-care, preserving our mental health and probably most universal: ‘joy’ and why it should never be taken for granted. As once familiar places start to reopen it’s essential to take personal inventory of our mental, physical and spiritual well being moving forward.

After a year of doom, it’s time to throw fear out the window and push forward with a newfound sense of resilience and ambition to not only rebuild what we had, but strive towards what we deserve.

One thing is certain, the queer community will always strive and thrive when put under pressure.